April 26th, 2013…Somebody has a case of the “Mondays”!

While Matt always talks about the approaching Saturday rest/cheat day…Saturday is right in the middle of my “work week.”  Fridays are my Mondays (ugghhhh) so I try to eat healthy all weekend and not let my job interfere too much with my nutrition…because working in a restaurant can really do a number on your overall health and diet!

Today I worked out (Thruster/KB WOD…eww!)

  • Breakfast: egg whites, oatmeal with a scoop of almond butter stirred into it (not Paleo, but I find eating oatmeal before workouts with either almond or peanut butter gives me lots of energy), and an apple…and coffee (black).
  • Post-workout shake (I typically use water, but today I used almond milk).
  • Lunch: Turkey cutlets cooked in coconut oil and herbs, sautéed zucchini and okra with chili flake, salt, and pepper, and a brown rice tortilla (I find that these curb my craving for bready carbs).
  • Second lunch (kind of like second breakfast for my Lord of the Rings fans):  This is usually a big meal for me before I work because I don’t take breaks during my shift, and if I do they are typically only long enough to inhale a protein shake/bar, banana, handful of almonds, etc.  Anyway, I went to Jason’s Deli before my shift and TORE UP that salad bar…getting my protein from hard boiled eggs and hummus, and basically eating vegetables until I blacked out.  Oh, and I had chocolate pudding…with dark chocolate chips!  I always get chocolate pudding while I’m there!
  • During my shift snack: in less than 2 minutes, I ate a paleo muffin and a banana.
  • Late night snack/dinner/random meal: chicken sausage with buffalo sauce, and beets.

….So I don’t think I ate enough today, but it’s the best I can do on work days.

Ok, today I will leave you with NERD HUMOR (my fav!)…oh and Jared, I know you will love this one! Meme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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