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May 30, 2013…Time to clean!

So I’ll probably be blogging every other day from now on.  Today was training day…and another early morning at the gym!  I’m on my second week of a new lifting program which focuses on the Oly lifts and heavy back squats so my appetite has definitely INCREASED.  I am also trying to keep up with cardio workouts and some met/cons so I feel like I’ve been working out extra hard lately.  I’m seeing now that I have to adjust my diet accordingly!

  • 4am Wake up: Paleo muffin, apple.
  • Post workout shake: protein powder, supergreens, water.
  • Breakfast: chicken sausage, 1/2 sweet potato, handful of cherries.
  • Second breakfast: protein pancakes (I had a banana that needed to be used!) protein powder, 2 egg whites, banana, flax-seed, chia seed, topped with sugar-free blueberry jam.
  • Lunch: grilled salmon burger topped with 1/2 an avocado and salsa, a kale and blueberry salad, and a handful of plantain chips.
  • Dinner: @ Zappata’s Mexican Restaurant…chips and salsa, nopales (aka sautéed cactus, tomato, and onion for all my non-Mexican peeps), grilled chicken salad with avocado and tomatoes…and a double Belvedere on the rocks with lime 🙂

I did cleans today, so here is a meme to honor that 🙂



May 28, 2013…Yayyyy for Arrested Development!

Today was a training day, and also a day to catch up on the new season of Arrested Development.  It was insane and amazing as usual…except for Portia de Rossi’s face…WTH???

  • Pre-workout: oatmeal with flax meal, chia seed, banana.
  • Post-workout: protein powder, supergreens, almond milk…and a coconut water!
  • Brunch: scrambled eggs with chicken sausage, onion, arugala.  Topped with avocado and salsa.  Handful of plantain chips.
  • Dinner (early bird special): my eating schedule is a little off today…I ate dinner around 4:30p…? Open faced turkey burger; spinach salad with strawberries, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and balsamic dressing; roasted beets with ginger.
  • Snack: paleo muffin.
  • Second snack: Humboldt Fog goat cheese, apple, walnuts.  Glass of red wine.
  • Third snack: chocolate covered almonds.

Well…hopfefully tomorrow my meals will be more consistent.  But I still ate ok…the timing was just a little off 🙂

   BY FAR my FAVORITE meme for anything!

May 27, 2013…Memorial Day, not national BBQ day!

Today’s Memorial Day workout was fun!  I definitely think John was there in spirit…I want to thank Stacey for being my workout partner!  We adopted a you go/I go style and it worked out just fine  🙂

  • Pre-workout: Paleo muffin, applesauce, double shot of espresso.
  • Post-workout: protein shake (protein powder, supgergreens powder, water).
  • Breakast: scrambled eggs, black beans with garlic, onion, and bacon! …topped with avocado; a small bowl of cherries, and 2 Blue Moons (breakfast beer is AWESOME!)
  • Lunch: “open-faced” turkey burger on a piece of rice bread, topped with arugala and artichokes.  Handful of sunflower seeds.
  • Iced-coffee with a splash of unsweetened almond milk on the way to work!
  • Dinner: beef chili, banana.
  • Mid-shift snack: Lara bar.
  • Late dinner: chicken sausage, plantain chips, Dogfishead 90 min IPA.

  Much respect to our men and women who serve!

May 26, 2013…I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend…how’s my weekend going you ask?  Well, I’m halfway through my “week” and I’m not gonna lie, dealing with the Memorial Day crowd on the strip is probably one of the lasts things one earth I want to be doing!  These people need to go to the Secret Pizza place and get some cheesy carbs to soak up all the booze they’ve had all day at the pool and leave us Spanish tapas people alone!  LOL I KID…we are busy enough and making decent money, I’m just bitter I can’t be enjoying the pool this weekend like everyone else!

As far as my diet goes, it was pretty much the same.  I definitely ate more chocolate than normal…I guess my body was craving some sugar.  I also tried keeping some goat cheese in the house (goat cheese crumbles, and a goat cheese brie which was AMAZING)…technically “dairy” but lactose free.  Well, maybe it’s because I haven’t had cheese in my house forever, but it didn’t last very long!  I think I’ll stick with “treating” myself occasionally but not making it a staple in the fridge.

Also, I realized that I kind of missed the blog. Writing everything down motivated me to stay on track a little more.   Maybe you’ll find that it helps you too.  Keeping a food journal is a good way to track your progress.  It is also good to write down how you were feeling that day and if you were training/working or not because these are huge factors in how/how much you eat!

Today was an “off” day (but an “on” day for work…):

  • Breakfast: protein smoothie (protein powder, almond milk, supergreens powder, banana, 1 tbsp. chia seed).
  • Lunch: sautéed chicken sausage and onion in a homemade pomodoro sauce, wilted arugala and zucchini salad…and an orange.
  • Second Lunch/Dinner: endive salad with sherry dressing, cucumbers, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles.  Roasted chicken breast.
  • Mid-Shift snack: Lara bar and an apple.
  • Late Dinner: grilled turkey burger (no bun) with avocado and salsa, handful of plantain chips.  And a vodka water!

My favorite part of today?  ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT IS BACK ON NETFLIX WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Ok, this meme only makes sense if you watch Arrested Development AND know who Chuck Testa is…

May 22, 2013…If I’m not back in 5 minutes, just wait longer!

Ok guys, after today…I will be taking a couple of days off from the blog.  I need a little break and honestly, I eat mostly the same things (give or take a few meals/snacks) that you should probably get the idea by now!  LOL…when I come back, I promise to have some new insight (and hopefully a few new recipes for you!)

  • 4am wake up: paleo muffin (this time I used cashew butter instead of almond…WORTH A TRY! Oh, and the chocolate chips may have had something to do with how yummy these were!), Mamma Chia fruit pack.
  • Breakfast: chicken sausage, apple, oatmeal with flax meal and chia seeds + agave syrup.
  • Post-Workout: protein shake (protein powder, supgergreens powder, water).
  • Second breakfast: 3 scrambled egg whites, 1/2 an avocado, Greek yogurt, slice of brown rice bread.
  • Lunch: spinach salad with smoked trout, cilantro-lime dressing, handful of blueberries.  And a double Chopin (vodka) on the rocks with extra lemon!
  • Dinner: Chicken teriyaki bowl from Wholefoods.
  • Dessert: chocolate frozen greek yogurt (Stoneyfield).  Wow, I was craving ice cream and I saw this at Wholefoods…I must say, a pretty solid replacement.  YUMMMM

  See you in a couple of days! 🙂

May 21, 2013…Let’s do this!

Today was a training day…and the start of my 3 days off from the restaurant!  Woohoo! 🙂

  • Pre-workout: bowl of oatmeal with a tbsp. of flax meal, chia seed, handful of blueberries, honey.
  • Post-workout: protein shake (protein powder, supergreens powder, water).
  • Breakfast: chicken sausage, zucchini “hash” (zucchini, onion, garlic, almond flour, salt, pepper), 1/2 an avocado.
  • Snack: Plum and a handful of cashews.
  • Liquid snack: Dogfishead “Tweason’ale” beers…a between spring/summer ale that is GLUTEN FREE and has hints of strawberries and honeysuckle, with the right amount of bitterness.  Good things this only comes in a 4 pack (tastes like AWESOMENSS).
  • Dinner: Turkey burger, spinach salad, roasted beets with goat cheese.  A glass of red wine.
  • Dessert: chocolate-almond bar.

Well time for bed…gotta get ready for the 4am wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!

   This totally happens to me…!

May 20, 2013…TGIF!

Today was the start of a new training program for me and I was feeling much better!  Except for the fact that I tweaked my back doing a broad jump during warm up.  It finally loosened up and felt better as I was LEAVING the gym.  Anywho…here is how it looked today:

  • Pre-Workout: 2 scrambled egg-whites, 1/2 an avocado, salsa.  Orange and a banana.
  • Post-workout: protein shake (protein powder, supergreens powder, water).
  • Lunch: turkey burger with brown rice/chia bread “buns”, hummus.  Grape tomatoes and basil tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper.  Dark chocolate bar for dessert 🙂
  • Snack: Plum, handful of cashews.
  • Dinner: cup of chili, spinach salad (beets, hard-boiled egg, olives, balsamic), paleo muffin, chocolate frozen yogurt (at the Cosmo in the employee cafeteria, they have free frozen yogurt and it takes all of my power not to eat one EVERY day I work!  It’s seriously the BOMB!)
  • Mid-Shift snack: NOTHING…too busy to eat!  Or to take a bathroom break for that matter.  It was a miserable 3 hour rush…but hey, that’s how we make our money in the industry…
  • Late snack: chicken and rabbit from the leftover paella, Kind bar, apple…and a Dogfishead 90 Minute IPA (Totally needed it. What a weekend…and guess what, it’s FRIDAY!)

That’s it for now.  I’m psyched I have the next 3 days off from work, but unfortunately, this meme is the story of my life!

           FAIL! 😦

May 19, 2013…Sick no more!

I was feeling much better today…and thanks to the Billboard Music Awards, we got destroyed at work again!  Good thing I decided to rest and take a few days off of training or else I’d be passed out in one of the back alleys of the Cosmo (which is where I work in case you didn’t know!)

  • Breakfast: protein pancakes (protein powder, 2 egg whites, 2 tbsp. flax meal, 1 tsp. chia seeds, supergreens powder, almond milk) topped with honey, and a plum.
  • Lunch: mixed green salad with tuna, artichokes, avocado, grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, Goddess dressing.  A slice of rice bread with an olive oil “butter” spread.
  • Snack: Paleo muffin with sugar-free raspberry jam.
  • Dinner: Tilapia with cabbage, apple, and a handful of chocolate covered almonds for dessert!
  • Mid-Shift snack: Kind bar.
  • Late Dinner: didn’t feel like cooking (got my a$$ handed to me at work!) In N Out burger, protein style, double meat, add tomato and chopped chilis…oh YEAH! another paleo muffin (I almost ate a regular muffin…::gasp:: so I grabbed a paleo one instead!)

I’m looking forward to start training again tomorrow.  It’s been FOREVER since I’ve taken 3 whole days off and I forgot how good it feels to let your body rest and recover.  Even though I was battling an illness, I was still able to put in some serious rest hours and get a few solid nights of sleep.  I’ll leave you with this one today (man, I’m LOVING this wolf!)

May 18, 2013…Look at this duck!

I still wasn’t feeling that great today…I took another day off from training (do I even lift anymore, bro?).  We were super busy at work again though!  I guess if I can’t workout I might as well work and make that money!

  • Breakfast: paleo muffin, Mamma Chia, orange.
  • Snack: Apple.
  • Lunch: salad with trout, avocado, grape tomatoes, Goddess dressing.  Slice of rice bread.
  • Snack: Dark chocolate bar.
  • Dinner/snack/?: Protein shake (protein powder, banana, coconut water), small bowl of grilled steak, white rice, tomatoes and cucumbers (I actually got a few bites of family meal today, woohoo!)
  • Mid-shift snack: Kind bar.
  • Late snack: chicken sausage, plantain chips, dried pineapple from Trader Joe’s.

Again…not feeling so hot today, and I was too tired to cook most of the day.  My appetite wasn’t really there either 😦  Ok, this has NO RELEVANCE to anything I’ve posted here, but holy crap it’s hilarious!

May 17, 2013…Rough day…

I didn’t have the greatest diet today.  I woke up feeling pretty sick and wasn’t able to get my shift covered…And I waited on the worst of the worst tonight…I’ve seen better days!

  • Breakfast: oatmeal, 2 tbsp. ground flax meal, 1 tbsp. chia seed, banana, scoop of sugar-free raspberry jam.
  • Lunch: turkey sandwich with arugala, avocado, 2 slices of gluten-free rice bread.  Handful of blueberries.
  • Snack: chocolate covered almonds.
  • Snack: Protein shake.
  • Mid-shift snack: Kind bar.
  • Late dinner: slice of pizza (OMG…I was so defeated after my shift by the time I thought about whether or not I should eat the slice, I was already halfway done with it!), and an apple!

This cracked me up!