May 1, 2013…Wake up, wake up, wake up…It’s the first of the month!

Today was a rest day…yet I was up super early…go figure!  Someone needs to take care of the Wednesday AM CrossFit Cardio classes so Matticorn can get his beauty sleep!

  • 4am wake up: Greek yogurt, paleo muffin, apple, and a black iced coffee.
  • Breakfast: same as my dinner from the night before! 2 turkey muffins, black beans and bacon, with the addition of blueberries.
  • Snack: Protein smoothie (protein powder, supergreens powder, banana, almond milk), handful of cashews.
  • Lunch: Teriyaki chicken, broccoli sautéed in coconut oil with sesame seeds and chili flake.  I also drank a “Sambazon Acai Energy Drink”…it’s the “light” version of this refreshing beverage (approx. 50 cals)  and contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and it has tons of antioxidants.  I was in a light and fruity mood and this hit the spot!
  • Dinner: “Happy Hour” at Mezzo restaurant = a sampler of  a beet and mixed green salad, grilled salmon and spaghetti squash, caprese salad, fried calamari…a Dogfishead 60 min IPA and a glass of cabernet.
  • Snack: chocolate covered almonds.

I always feel a little guilty on rest days, even though they are totally necessary (I’m extremely twitchy!).  Tell them how you really feel, grumpy cat!

  MAN, I LOVE that grumpy kitty!


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  1. Love your blog!

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