May 4, 2013…Welcome to Thunderdome!

Today was a rest day.  I could have planned my meals better…however, I was truly exhausted and a nap got in the way of my eating schedule 🙂

  • Wake up: 2 turkey muffins, handful of blueberries, banana.
  • Breakfast: egg white omelet with turkey sausage and spinach. Fruit bowl and a cup of oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar…YUM.
  • Snack: handful of chocolate covered almonds and a paleo muffin.  Kind of a high calorie snack, but I really wanted a regular muffin or something with lots of gluten so this kept me on track!  Still a good amount of sugar though (the chocolate…can’t get enough of it!) but it could have been worse…
  • NAP and then black iced coffee…
  • Dinner: Here’s where I went wrong…NO DINNER ugghhhhhhh I had another discrepancy with my “family meal” at work…all that was left when I got there was white rice, and I decided not to eat it.  But I’m sure it would have been better than eating nothing!  I swear I am getting to work at a reasonable hour but I guess lately everyone is feeling lazy and relying on “family meal” so I am going to need to start planning better.
  • Snack: protein shake during my shift (protein powder, supergreens powder, water).
  • Late night snack/dinner: In N Out burger – double meat, protein style, no onion, extra tomato, add chopped chili (ohhhh they love me at the drive thru) and chicharrones…I needed a salty snack and I couldn’t bring myself to eat an order of fries!  They have 0g net carbs…LOL but a good amount of fat and protein.  And….a glass of red wine 🙂  which feels so nice after dealing with “special” people all night…that’s a nice way of saying “annoying guests”…and that is still a nice way of saying what I really want to say!  Just watch the movie  “Waiting” and you’ll understand! 🙂

I cheat a little bit here and there…almost every day.  I am very active so I haven’t needed to tweak my diet too much.  You need to find the right balance for you and your lifestyle.  Some people work 9-5p and sit at a desk, and some work weekend night shifts (ME) and run around like maniacs all evening.  A little guilt is ok…It keeps us on track.  But don’t feel bad if you totally give in! Tomorrow is a new day 🙂

If anybody did this to me…I would want to punch you in the face and high five you at the same time!


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