May 7, 2013…If all else fails, eat chocolate!

  • Pre-Workout: protein pancakes! (chocolate protein powder, banana, 2 egg whites, ground flax meal, splash of almond milk).  Blacked iced coffee.
  • Post-Workout: store-bought protein shake from Wholefoods.  I’m having trouble remembering the brand name even though I used to drink them all the time…
  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs with beef hot dogs, topped with half an avocado.  Apple sauce.
  • Snack:  Apple.  I felt the craving for sugar and honestly just wanted something to nibble on…I wasn’t really feeling “hungry.”  Luckily the apple did the job…this time!  Sometimes a craving is because your body is trying to tell you it needs something, but more often than not it’s because of stress, boredom, etc.  Pick up something healthy and try that first.  If that fails, grab some chocolate!
  • Lunch: brown rice tortilla filled with trout, arugala, hummus.  Handful of sunflower seeds.
  • Snack: handful of cashews, glass of red wine.
  • Dinner: Huge grilled shrimp salad at “Cantina Laredo’s” and a ridiculous amount of chips and salsa.  Also, skinny margaritas and 2 shots of Jameson…
  • Snack: Frozen yogurt with lots of yummy fruit and chocolate toppings!

  …or for crossfitters!!!  I do love me some Jameson though 🙂


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