May 9, 2013…Sushi 1, Erica 0!

Today wasn’t a heavy lifting day.  I did a 1 RM strict press and LOTS of gymnastics and body weight stuff…

  • 4am wake up: chia and fruit puree “gel pack”, grilled chicken and bell peppers (ummmm weird?)
  • Snack: Paleo muffin, black coffee.
  • Breakfast: chicken sausage, kale and apple salad, handful of almonds.
  • Post-workout shake: protein powder, supergreens powder, coconut water.
  • Lunch: all you can eat sushi…then a nap.  I’m not gonna lie, I felt AWFUL when I woke up 😦  I haven’t eaten white rice in so long and I don’t feel like I over did it, but I guess it was enough to put my body into shock!  Also, I must have unintentionally consumed a large amount of sodium (I’m not a huge soy sauce person, so I’m not sure how that happened) because I was SO THIRSTY for the rest of the day!  The problem was that I had no sake.  I’m sure that would have smoothed things over 🙂
  • Dinner: grilled chicken and a banana.



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