May 16, 2013…Ummm what day is it?

I picked up a shift this evening so my “week” is a little out of whack.  This shouldn’t be a surprise by now…my schedule is always a little bit whack!  With that being said, I’m glad I picked up the shift.  We were pretty busy!

  • 4am wake up: paleo muffin with sugar-free raspberry jam, “Mamma Chia” fruit gel pack.
  • Snack: handful of almonds.
  • Breakfast: chicken sausage, banana, Greek yogurt.
  • Post-workout shake: protein powder, supergreens powder, water.
  • Lunch: Turkey burger with avocado, large mixed green salad with lots of basil and grape tomatoes.  Roasted plantain chips.
  • Snack: orange and dark chocolate.
  • Dinner: chicken sausage, sautéed zucchini, apple with honey.
  • Mid-shift snack: protein shake (protein powder, water).  Unfortunately, there was no chicken and rabbit to snack on this evening 😦
  • Late Dinner: protein style burger from In N Out (extra tomato, add chopped chili).  2 Sam Adams Summer Ales.

   This is for my In N Out/Nacho Libre fans!  (I know that’s not you, Ev!)


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