June 9, 2013…(Ar)REST(ed Development) DAY!

Hey look at that!  I have ANOTHER Sunday off…what’s up with that by the way?  Today is a *true* rest day…my usual “rest day” from working out falls on a Friday, which happens to be my Monday for work, and on Tuesday (which is my Saturday), I don’t actually rest…I LIFT!  Did you understand ANY of that?  Are you thoroughly confused now?  Anyway, it’s nice to be reminded of what a TRUE rest day is all about…aka polishing of the rest of the newest episodes of Arrested Development.   As far as rest days go,  I haven’t taken enough of them in the past few months and I will be doing my best to work them into my schedule!  Now…on to the food!

  • Wake-up: apple.
  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs (1 yolk, 3 whites) with freshly made salsa, 1/2 an avocado, and a grilled jalapeno (HOT DAMN!)
  • Snack: Paleo muffin and an iced coffee (splash of almond milk).
  • Second snack: handful of almonds.
  • Late lunch: turkey burger topped with hummus and wilted arugala; an orange and a handful of plantain chips.
  • Dinner: chicken sausage with buffalo sauce, roasted tomatoes, kale salad with blueberries, almonds, and shaved coconut.  2 glasses of Chenin Blanc.
  • Snack:  Chocolate covered almonds!

  Ok, ok!  If I have to…  🙂


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