April 28, 2013…Sunday, Funday!

Ok, not really…because I had to work…but hey, work can be fun (sometimes)…?

  • Breakfast: protein smoothie – protein powder, superfoods powder, banana, almond milk, 2 tbsp. ground flax meal.
  • Lunch: BLTA = bacon, L – kale salad, T – smoked trout (canned, from Trader Joe’s YUMMM), avocado…with a brown rice tortilla; applesauce.
  • Here’s where it gets ugly: was planning on eating “family meal” (the meal they provide for us at the restaurant before the shift), but apparently they didn’t make enough and it was really tasty so there was NONE LEFT, even though I got there early…so…I had to eat my handful of almonds that I brought for a snack as my “meal.”
  • Luckily I have the hookup with the kitchen, so I was able to sneak a piece of carne asada (about 4 oz) with piquillo peppers…delicious, but such a tease because I could have eaten about 4x that amount!
  • Got home around 11:30 pm, and here is where it gets weird…I was planning on getting a protein style In N’ Out burger, but my late night dinner plans got screwed up, so I came home and ate scraps (because I had no food in the house!): tuna with roasted red peppers, paleo muffin, an apple, and a Greek yogurt.  And a beer.  Dinner of champions?

Obviously today wasn’t the greatest day for my nutrition…not my fault!  My plans got screwed up! hahaha, oh well…there’s always tomorrow!


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